Nintendo’s Pokémon GO Bubble Has Finally Burst

Nintendo Co. shares have plunged as the company stated late last week that the financial impact from Pokémon GO will be limited. As of this morning, Nintendo’s shares sank 17 percent, wiping out $6.3 billion dollars in market value. The greatest amount that a company can fall in Japan is 18 percent, as per exchange movement rules.

It has been confirmed that Nintendo have a stake of 13 percent in Pokémon GO. Whilst Nintendo is usually front of mind when it comes to Pokémon games, it will be The Pokémon Company as well as Ninantic, Inc who benefit most from Pokémon GO’s overwhelming success.

In a press release, the company have stated that the game’s financial impact will be “limited” and it will not revise it’s annual forecast based on the games success. The Pokémon GO Plus (which Nintendo are developing) has already been factored into their profit forecast.

Whilst Apple confirmed that the game was downloaded more in its first week than any other game, the latest data from SurveyMonkey states that the number of daily users peaked on July 14th, has decreased since.

It’ll be interesting to see whether frequent updates and adding subsequent waves of Pokémon will continue to raise interest in the game.