EB Games Be Trolling With This $9,999 Pokemon GO Plus

It’s well known that when EB Games Australia don’t know the price of something, they’ll put an exorbitant price tag on it just so they don’t end up out of product, however, it’s extremely rare that the price tag will end up on the final product, especially when the price was announced alongside when item goes up for preorder.

Our good friends at monamiibo.com picked up their Pokemon GO Plus from an EB Games store in Sydney today and were surprised to see a $9,999 price tag on his box.

Now as we mentioned above, EB Games are known for putting this ridiculous placeholder prices on their products and obviously, this wasn’t their final purchase price, but $9,999 is a little bit crazy considering the device was never going to be over $100.

Let’s just hope that nobody gets this amount taken off their credit card as Twitter user ‘Caprica’ was quick to point out that this amount was also pending on his online pre-order.

The Pokemon GO Plus is out now. It’s sold out at EB Games but it’s still available on Nintendo’s eBay store. You can purchase it for $49.95 HERE. They’ve already sold almost 700 in just a few hours.