The Gen 2 Pokemon Currently In Pokemon GO and How To Get Them

Overnight, Niantic revealed that a few Gen 2 Pokemon would be coming to Pokemon GO. After researching, we have it on good authority that 7 new Gen 2 Pokemon have been added to the lineup today, as well as Holiday Pikachu which you can catch regularly.

For the other Gen 2 Pokemon (which we now know are all baby Pokemon), you’ll need to hatch them out of brand new eggs. This means that any existing eggs that you had in your collection will now house the new Pokemon.


•172 Pichu 5km

•173 Cleffa 2 km

•174 Igglybuff 2km

•175 Togepi 5km

•238 Smoochum 10km

•239 Elekid 10km

•240 Magby – 10km