New Details About The Nintendo Switch Mario/Rabbids Crossover RPG Have Emerged

Popular Nintendo leaker Liam Robertson who is best known for his work on Did You Know Gaming as well as Unseen 64 has revealed some more information about the previously leaked Mario/Rabbids RPG crossover that is apparently coming to the Nintendo Switch on launch or sometime after.

In a series of tweets, Robertson has revealed that the game will be more of a strategy RPG game to the likes of X-Com rather than a conventional RPG such as Paper Mario. There’s apparently a ton of weapons with a focus on equipping Rabbids with the appropriate weaponry.

The game is set in the Mushroom Kingdom with the Rabbids dimensions invading it. Most of the enemies will be evil/warped Rabbids.

Robertson continued by saying that he wasn’t 100% sure on the title but it did include “Mushroom Kingdom Battle” at some point. It is said that it’s been ready since last year but it’s not yet clear whether it’ll be a launch title.


We can pretty much be 100% sure that the game is coming at some point with a Ubisoft anniversary video showing both Nintendo characters as well as Rabbids in some kind of new art style that we hadn’t previously seen.

All aboard the hype train to January 13th.