There’s a shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that I’m sure nobody likes. Myahm Agana requires players to use the built-in Nintendo Switch gyroscope in order to work a ball through a maze. It’s one of the most unique shrines in Breath of the Wild, and it’s honestly the only one that I’ve seen widespread complaints about on social media.

Well, An Aussie Twitch streamer by the name of HolmesInFive has managed to solve the puzzle by pure luck. As he watches the ball plummet (for what I’m sure is the 49th time), he breaks into a dab (I know, don’t judge him). As he looks up, he doesn’t even realise that as he’s rolled off the screen, he’s accidentally solved the puzzle without even realising it.

I’m not sure if the developers intended for this puzzle to be able to be solved in this way, but I sure as hell wish that I was able to solve it this way. I went through the maze the proper way like a chump, spending hours trying to make that last jump.


  • Letrico

    you can also roll the ball off and angle it in a way that the ball drops into the last straight line too. Just do the last part to flick the ball into the platform.

  • jjbeef

    U can also flip the maze upside down, so when the ball drops there are no barriers since it lands on the underside. U still need to successfully roll the ball across and make the jump onto the ramp, but it’s way easier than navigating thru the maze!