Bent Nintendo Switch Is The Latest Potential Issue

Reddit User NSR is claiming that after putting his Nintendo Switch in the dock some weeks ago and pulled it out to realise that it had been bent during his play-time.

He claims that he had played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for 40-50 hours without removing it from the dock, which would obviously mean that the Nintendo Switch got quite hot and potentially stayed hot.

Other Redditors were quick to comment and say that their Nintendo Switch units were also slightly bent, but as far as we can see, the post has 3500+ comments and it does seem to be an isolated issue.


The Redditor went on to explain:

“It’s getting kinda tedious explaining that this wasn’t there when I put it in the dock, and then a few days later when I took it out, it was there. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, I wanted to post a picture and confirm that it’s not a widespread issue that will happen when I get a new one”

“I didn’t plan on getting this, but won it in a contest, and I am ULTRA careful with all my electronics, and this is no exception. I snapped the controls on and pulled it out of the dock and it kinda stuck, and when I set it on the kitchen table and it did the whole wobble thing like that one chair at that one restaurant that you always seem to sit in no matter what and no amount of folded up coasters will fix it kinda wobble thing.”