Reddit User NSR is claiming that after putting his Nintendo Switch in the dock some weeks ago and pulled it out to realise that it had been bent during his play-time.

He claims that he had played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for 40-50 hours without removing it from the dock, which would obviously mean that the Nintendo Switch got quite hot and potentially stayed hot.

Other Redditors were quick to comment and say that their Nintendo Switch units were also slightly bent, but as far as we can see, the post has 3500+ comments and it does seem to be an isolated issue.


The Redditor went on to explain:

“It’s getting kinda tedious explaining that this wasn’t there when I put it in the dock, and then a few days later when I took it out, it was there. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, I wanted to post a picture and confirm that it’s not a widespread issue that will happen when I get a new one”

“I didn’t plan on getting this, but won it in a contest, and I am ULTRA careful with all my electronics, and this is no exception. I snapped the controls on and pulled it out of the dock and it kinda stuck, and when I set it on the kitchen table and it did the whole wobble thing like that one chair at that one restaurant that you always seem to sit in no matter what and no amount of folded up coasters will fix it kinda wobble thing.”

  • That’s interesting.

    • TheChosen

      Interesting? For me it was to be expected.

      See? I warned of such things since late 2016…I knew it was going to happen for Nintendo now.

      No Satoru Iwata means no quality-assignment.

  • heavenshitman1

    Maybe a faulty cooling fan or something, pretty sure I’ve had my Switch gaming in dock for hours easy on Zelda, not checking my unit at time of this post, but pretty sure it’s A-ok.
    Also pretty certain that the Switch unit’s were more or less thrashed on the Nintendo tours, and the fact that nearly 100% of Switch owners woulda been hammering Zelda, this problem shoulda hit everyone.
    Maybe this guy’s been playing in an extremely hot climate?

    • Hans Olo

      Faulty cooling fan? This shouldnt be happening, its obvious that its cheaply made, chead last gen processors its a piece of SWITCH!

      • heavenshitman1

        The XBOX 360 shouldn’t have happened too.
        But at this stage my point still stands, there’s 1.5 mil of these devices that’s been out there for 4 weeks. If this is a design flaw this would be more than a one-off news story by now.
        We’ll see how this goes.

        Just peeked at my Switch. Looks fine. I’d agree the left joy-con signal should be a tad stronger, mine barely cuts what I’d consider minimal acceptable distance but looks like Nintendo is on to that, and I’ve had about 2 crashes (one in game) since day 1.
        So going by my device, def not perfect I agree, but I’d consider my devices durability and reliability up to current standards.
        My Switch has had controllers dropped on hard floors and my 3 year old mishandle it in and out the dock.

        Too early to call a ‘fail’ for Nintendo yet.

        • Hans Olo

          Nintendo’s Response: There is no issue, and remember it’s your fault for docking it, we told you it was a portable and home console and not for console only…its your fault!!!!
          Well Nintendo this is why I boycott your CRAP!! ! Zelda is is a last Gen Game made for the Wii with 360 graphics Nuff said! Go away Nintendo we’re trying to have a good time.

          • heavenshitman1

            Just outta interest can you link me to that particular Nintendo statement?
            And Switch hardware probably outmatches XBOX360 performance. This is only one metric but Switch has 4GB or RAM. Think 360 had half a Gig.
            One day Nintendo will make a 4K 60FPS machine with all the graphical power of today.
            And you drones will be whinning on that its not on par with the 8k graphics of that gen (good for 100 inch screens).
            To this day its being proven time and time again the best games aren’t running on the most sophisticated hardware.
            Now you can go and play Mass Effect Andromeda

          • Hans Olo

            Just out of interest would you be mad when I fold it in half and I’m still 6 inches longer than you woman?

          • heavenshitman1

            Yeah, good comeback. You proved Playstation n M’softs awesomeness right there

          • Hans Olo

            Awe come on don’t be upset you’re a big girl, get over it woman.

          • heavenshitman1

            2 replies and you still can’t answer my simple question eh?
            You normally rant crap defensively in these comment sections?

          • Hans Olo

            why do you Troll anyone with an opinion of Nintendo and what kind of name is heavens hitman? does that mean you like to hit on men? Its ok if thats what you are like just dont gaze at my meat.
            Now go get your shinebox!

          • heavenshitman1

            Its a name made long ago on the original Crysis online. Just an amusing name cause I was hitting church at the time.
            Yes I have opinions on everything, much like urself and all other ppl. If you don’t have an opinion then you don’t exist.

          • Hans Olo

            I gotcha bud, i too Troll and admit it, politics, religion, games, anyone that gets a rise ! Nothing personal, just fun 🙂

  • Christos

    Just checked mine as I’ve noticed it hasn’t been sliding into the dock as easy as usual. Unfortunately (even if I’m only number 2 in the world) this has also happened to my switch. There is slightly noticable curve when looking top down, even without placing it up against a straight angle. I mean, it’s not really affecting anything greatly at this stage but it’s definitely there…

    • Hans Olo

      They should replace yours or heck take it back and trade it in. Look at my response in the comments here….

  • Hans Olo

    Nintendo’s Response: There is no issue, and remember it’s your fault for docking it, we told you it was a portable and home console and for console only…its your fault!!!!

    Well Nintendo this is why I boycott your CRAP!! !

  • HamaFist

    Meh… having no FPS games is what is keeping me from buying the Switch… Glad I didn’t get one.