The Super Nintendo controller is still one of the most iconic controllers of all time. With its signature four-coloured buttons, it’s without doubt one of the most vibrant controllers.

YouTuber ‘JordiPower’, has managed to replicate the blue, yellow, red and green buttons on his Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

As you can see in the video below, it takes a little bit of effort but the results are fairly stunning.

We saw Nintendo bring this button configuration to the Nintendo 3DS and I don’t doubt that we’ll see it on the Nintendo Switch at some stage.

Honestly, I’ve stated many times before that I hope Nintendo go down the path of creating custom Joy-Con for their virtual console games. That’s the beauty of the Nintendo Switch, after all.

You can checkout some more photos on his Instagram page.

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A post shared by JordiPower ? (@iamjordipower) on

  • Volucre

    The Super Nintendo had purple and lavender buttons.

    You might be thinking of the Super Famicon (though I’m not sure why, unless you were in the habit of playing Japanese versions of consoles).

    • Ian Shatwell

      Only in the NTSC/North American region. The PAL console (Europe, Aus etc.) more closely resembled the famicom in both design and colour scheme.