The ARMS Global Testpunch Is On Again This Weekend

Tomorrow, we do it all again when the ARMS Global Testpunch kicks off for a second consecutive weekend.

There will be new characters and new modes, so it’s well worth jumping in again for those that played last weekend. For those that didn’t play last weekend, you’d be absolutely crazy not to jump in this time around.

As I said last weekend, traditional controls are the best way to go but I would still recommend giving the motion controls a go too.

Nintendo has provided a fancy new graphic with the times and how to download. We’ve also included the usual wrap-up below.



The Global Testpunch is available in the eShop now. You’re able to download it before the first session starts tomorrow morning, but you’ll be able to pre-load it as well as check out the beautiful title screen before the first session begins. The download is 1.4gb in size.


In Australia, the times below are a mixed bag. Some are decent but then obviously the 4am slots aren’t ideal. You’ll only be able to play for an hour in each slot. There’s no way around this unfortunately and outside of these times, there’s literally nothing you’ll be able to do with the game.

Saturday, June 3rd

  • 10:00am AEST
  • 10:00pm AEST

Sunday, June 4th

  • 4:00am AEST
  • 10:00am AEST
  • 10:00pm AEST

Monday, June 5th

  • 4:00am AEST
SOURCE: Dystify Twitter
SOURCE: Dystify Twitter


In the way of characters, there will be 7 characters that you’ll be able to play as. Unfortunately, the recently revealed characters including everybody’s favourite ‘Twintelle’ won’t be playable.

The full list of characters in the Testpunch are:

  • Spring Man
  • Ribbon Girl
  • Ninjara
  • Master Mummy
  • Min Min
  • Mechanica
  • DNA Man



It’s said that there will be 2-3 modes playable in the Testpunch including 1v1 online exhibition matches and the newly announced Hoops mode. I’m keen to give both a go.



The best way to play ARMS will most likely be with a Joy-Con in each hand. This is how I’ve played the game and it’s always been how Nintendo has demoed the game. The advanced motion control tech in the Joy-Con allows you to get a real sense of control during battle.

The game will also be playable using the Joy-Con Grip, Handheld mode, Pro Controller and a single Joy-Con.

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