Nyko’s Line Of Nintendo Switch Accessories All Look Very Useful

At E3 last week, I go to go hands-on with Nyko’s extensive range of Nintendo Switch accessories. Honestly, it was hard to believe just how many were laid out in front of me. Everything from power banks (of all different shapes and sizes), small docks which do HDMI/AC power, to Joy-Con grips and even cooling stations.

I’ve highlighted them all below and I’m also trying to find out if they’re coming to Australia as well as which retailer will be stocking them. All of these accessories will be releasing over the course of the next 6 months in the USA and are all available on Amazon.

Power Shell Case

Power Shell Case is a dual-purpose case for Nintendo Switch – it’s the perfect solution for storing the console and up to 12 games (or 11 games and two Micro-SD cards) when not in use, and includes a 6000 mAh battery pack for easy recharging of the console with the included integrated Type-C cable.

HERO Power Shell Case

Portable Docking Kit for Switch

Portable Docking Kit is a compact docking station that allows players to easily connect the Switch console to a TV without carrying their home dock everywhere with them. Powered by a USB Type-C AC Adapter, the kit keeps the Switch charged while playing on the TV and includes a built-in stand to keep the console upright, with ports for the HDMI cable and AC adapter.

HERO Portable Docking Kit

Charge Base for Switch

Charge Base is a Type-C charging dock that easily stores and charges both the Switch console and two additional Joy-Con controllers. It plugs into any wall outlet and is the perfect secondary charging dock and stand for long gaming sessions.

HERO Charge Base

Clip Grip Power

Clip Grip Power is an ergonomic attachment that allows users to mount their cell phone to easily interact with the Nintendo Online App while playing. Clip Grip Power also includes an internal battery, which gives users extra play time by serving as a versatile secondary power source for the Joy-Cons, cell phone, or Switch console itself.

HERO Clip Grip Power

Power Pak

Power Pak is a 5000 mAh battery pack that provides up to two times the battery life of Switch. Power Pak easily recharges using a Type-C cable, and includes a reinforced, collapsible kickstand that supports both the Switch and the added weight of Power Pak.

HERO Power Pak

Boost Pak for Switch

Boost Pak is a power pack that attaches to the base of the Switch console to serve as an additional battery source for extended playing time. It features a dedicated power button so that it can easily be turned on when needed, without wasting additional battery life.

HERO Boost Pak

Intercooler for Switch

Intercooler is a modular airflow accessory that pushes cool air into the back of the Switch dock to provide greater airflow for the console’s intake. Intercooler features built-in temperature sensors that turn it on and off as needed, and the modular design allows players to use the dock in both horizontal and vertical positions. Intercooler is easily set up by replacing the back panel of the dock, which then attaches to the back of the Intercooler.

HERO Intercooler

Swivel Grip

Swivel Grip for Nintendo Switch is an ergonomic, snap-on attachment for Joy-Con controllers that provides added size and a controller-like grip for additional comfort during longer gameplay sessions. The collapsible grips easily swivel into place or out of the way for easy storage.


Dock Bands

Dock Bands are protective grips for Nintendo Switch that guard the device against screen damage while docking. The textured surface provides a stronger grip and prevents slipping, all without blocking any buttons or ports.

HERO Dock Bands