Monopoly Gamer Featuring Super Mario Characters Is Out In Australia Today

Out of absolutely nowhere, Monopoly Gamer released at EB Games Australia today. The brand new edition of Monopoly featuring Mario characters and an all-new Monopoly board game with new characters who have unique powers which will completely change the Monopoly experience.

Not only is it about having the most money, but it’s also about earning points by buying properties, collecting coins and beating bosses.


You’re only able to buy the Collector’s Edition today. It’ll set you back $65, but it includes an exclusive Bowser character and Bowser Jr. Boss card. You’ll also get stickers and a 25-page game guide with Nintendo artwork as well as a box to store your character tokens.


At a later date, you’ll also be able to get Monopoly Gamer Power Pack Expansions. These will set you back $7 and will each include 1 of 8 characters tokens (at random) as well as 12 character card and 1 sticker.

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