PlatinumGames Just Teased Another Classic For Nintendo Switch

Many people thought that PlatinumGames were teasing Bayonetta for Nintendo Switch earlier this week, and it looks like they were right with the company now teasing what appears to be The Wonderful 101 (or a sequel) coming to Nintendo Switch.


The teaser image has the screen blurred out but the art style is very much in the same vein as The Wonderful 101. You can also see Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons clearly in the image, confirming that something is coming to Nintendo Switch.

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I’m only speculating, but I’m hoping that this means that a PlatinumGames Wii U collection is coming to Nintendo Switch. I only briefly played The Wonderful 101 and still haven’t touched Bayonetta (criminal, I know).

The Bayonetta tweet which clearly references Blue/Red Joy-Cons can also be seen below.

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