You Won’t Ever See A Game Over Screen in Super Mario Odyssey

Try as hard as you like, you’ll never see a game over screen in Super Mario Odyssey. Suck as hard as a Hoover, you still won’t see one.

Nintendo revealed that in their upcoming open-world Mario adventure that if you die or fall into some chasm, you won’t “lose a life” anymore. You’ll only lose ten coins. That’s it. In fact, it seems like the concept of lives has gone out the window.

The news came by way of Nintendo’s official Japanese account for Super Mario Odyssey. An example was included, depicting Mario dying to a Spiny.

According to one translation, the tweet reads: “If Mario’s health drops to zero, or if he falls down a bottomless pit, you’ll lose 10 of your coins. But…! No matter how many times you’ll mess up, there’s never a game over.”

This is a huge departure for what we’re used to with Mario games and while it will make the game easier and more accessible for even more gamers, it might render the game a cakewalk lacking a real challenge.

Time will tell, as Super Mario Odyssey releases for Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017.

(via VG247)

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