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JB Hi-Fi Has The Ultimate Troll (And I) Game Review

Everybody loves JB Hi-Fi’s game reviews. It was only a few weeks ago that we were blessed with the ultimate Potato Cake VS Potato Scallop debate. 

Well, the JB gods have graced us again with this wonderful (and perfect Troll and I review). Now you might be thinking that Troll and I released some time ago (and you’d be right), but we were only blessed with the Nintendo Switch release this week and one JB store has responded perfectly.

The review states: 

Troll & I – If you were on the fence, I have good news! There’s finally a reason to buy a Nintendo Switch

Now, obviously Troll and I is known to be quite bad, but I’ve found it quite hilarious that a number of Nintendo Switch owners have picked it up out of curiosity.