That Super Mario Odyssey Switch Bundle Will Include A Physical Game Card In Australia

Last week, I wrote about the fact that Nintendo were releasing a Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle around the world. It will include a Switch console, a set of special red Joy-Con and a copy of Super Mario Odyssey.

I saw a few people blowing up in the comments about the fact that it included a download code rather than a physical copy of the game and I’m happy to report that in Australia only, the console will actually come with a physical copy of Super Mario Odyssey instead of a download code.

This appears to be literally specific to Australia/New Zealand. I scoured the boxes from Japan/NA/Europe and they all specify that it’s a download code. This is great for physical collectors and families that pick up the bundle at Christmas and want to get playing straight away.

You can pre-order it at EB Games for $549.95 right now. It releases alongside the game on October 27th.