Resident Evil Revelations On Switch Has Cool Retro Mini-Games

Capcom announced today that the Nintendo Switch iterations of Resident Evil Revelations will include a pair of exclusive, retro-inspired mini-games that look like a bit of fun and only adds to the value of the pack.

One of the games is a Ghosts ‘n Goblins send-up called Ghosts ‘n Homunculi, which features Barry Burton, a Resident Evil series mainstay, putting an end to all kinds of nasty creatures on an island. This particular classic blast from the past is included with Revelations 2.

The original Resident Evil Revelations is going to include a game called Ghost Ship Panic which, while less charming, looks like a nice little distraction for players. It’s a score attack target shooter based entirely around building up combos to rack up points.

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What’s cool is that these mini-games can be played during the game’s loading screens and will reward players with Battle Points, a currency used in the Raid modes for Resident Evil Revelations.

Both games in the Revelations series are coming to Nintendo Switch on November 30, though they’ll also be available separately for purchase on the eShop.

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