These Pokemon Amiibo Are Amazing But The Thought Of Them Existing IRL Is Scary

I came across these fan-made images of Pokemon Amiibo today and I instantly became petrified. On one hand, the thought of having Pokemon Amiibo (outside of the Smash Bros ones) is something that I’d really want. On the other hand, having anywhere up to 802 Pokemon to collect in Amiibo form is absolutely terrifying.

Nintendo has already confirmed that the first mainline console Pokemon game is coming to Nintendo Switch (probably next year) and I’d honestly be surprised if there wasn’t some kind of Amiibo integration. I’d honestly be happy with 15-20 OG Pokemon Amiibo, but I just know that there’s no way they’re not going to go above and beyond that.

Due to my weird Amiibo collection obsession (I own all of the ones released in the West, but have probably used about 15 of them), I really don’t want anymore to buy any more Amiibo (no matter how much I’d love for these to exist).

What Amiibo do you still want? Which characters would you like to see in plastic form?

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