The Gameboy Is Making A Comeback

It’s 2018 and the Gameboy is making a comeback. Hyperkin has revealed the Ultra Game Boy which is basically an updated version of the OG Gameboy that will play your old-school cartridges.

It has an aluminium body, a backlit LCD, 6 hour battery life, USB C charging, stereo speakers and it’s aiming to be sold at less than $100 USD. They’re targeting a Winter 2018 release date and it doesn’t include any games. They haven’t said whether it’s compatible with Gameboy Colour games in addition to the original GB games.

It’s definitely an interesting announcement and looks to be Hyperkin cashing in on the retro market that Nintendo has uncovered as of late. I don’t doubt that Nintendo will probably do a Gameboy Classic Mini at some point, but this is probably going to be as good as it gets until that point.

SOURCE: Gizmodo
SOURCE: Gizmodo