January’s Massive Nintendo Direct Better Come Soon Because Nintendo Fans Are Losing It

It’s been rumoured for about a month now that Nintendo would hold a massive Nintendo Direct in January. In terms of Direct leak/rumors, they’ve been fairly spot on (from announcement to date happening) ever since the initial Switch reveal.

It makes sense that we’d have a Nintendo Direct in the near future just based on the fact that we have no idea what’s coming to the Switch in 2018. 2017 was an incredible year for the Switch and possibly the best launch year of any console ever, but there’s no doubt that Nintendo will want to keep this momentum rolling as soon as possible.

The rumour was that the Direct would take place on Thursday/Friday, with an announcement happening on Monday/Tuesday night, but this time has now passed and Nintendo fans have gone into meltdown quite frankly.

It’s still quite possible that we’ll see a Direct this week, but I’d almost definitely put my money on next week or the next. It’d be quite fitting to have a Nintendo Direct a year after last year’s Nintendo Switch reveal. This happened on January 13th of last year, so there’s still plenty of time for Nintendo to announce on.

In terms of what I’d expect them to show, I wouldn’t expect too many huge announcements. We already know that Yoshi, Kirby are both coming this year as well as Metroid/Pokemon being in development. I think they just need to actually put a few dates out there and detail how they’re planning on pushing the actual operating system forward. It’s also pretty crazy to think that we’re a year in and have no idea what’s happening with virtual console, but I totally expect that to change in the near future as well.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with some of the best responses to Nintendo on Twitter, who totally look to be toying with their fans at this point.