Nintendo Just Took Their Nintendo Direct Trolling Game To A New Level 

Yesterday, we posted about the fact that Nintendo were obviously having a laugh over this rumoured Nintendo Direct that is scheduled to take place in January.

Well overnight, Nintendo has posted a tweet with a flaming Chibi Robo. Now, Nintendo doesn’t post to their Twitter account unless they’ve got a legitimate announcement, so considering their Mario Odyssey ‘secret’ Tweet from a few days ago and now this Chibi Robo with literally no text or any context (outside of the fact that there’s obviously a firing Chibi Robo), they’re obviously just trolling at this point.

Well, what does this mean? I doubt Nintendo would prod their fans for no reason, but they’re probably having a little fun at the same time. I’d say it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see a Nintendo Direct this week but i’d say it’s incredibly likely we’ll see one at some point in January.

There was a Nintendo Direct in January 2013, 2015, and the Switch reveal in January of last year. Nintendo will want to start 2018 off in the same way that they finished 2017, so it’s only a matter of time.