Mario Tennis Aces Online Rankings Are Already Out Of Reach

After a week or so of playing Mario Tennis Aces, I was super keen to jump onto the online tournament this morning to start climbing the rankings. But literally hours after the game has launched in Australia and a few other countries (and before stores have even opened in Australia), the online rankings are already unattainable.

It’s mind-blowing to think that literally only a few hours after the servers going live (they weren’t live last night when I checked), people have already amassed over 120 matches. This is before the game has even launched in Europe and America.

Heading to the National Ranking, one Aussie gamer has already gotten to 99 wins, with the next in line only having 15, which definitely makes me wonder how this single person has gotten so many matches under his belt in such a short amount of time.

Heading to the World Ranking shows that many players globally have already managed to do the same. The same Aussie player already has over 21 matches in simple mode too, which is pretty crazy.

The good news is that these rankings will restart every month, and playing online (at least in July, August and September), will bring some new characters, so it’s definitely worth jumping online.

Regardless, Mario Tennis Aces online tournament is probably the best online implementation that the series has had and it’s super fun and competitive. It’s just a shame that there won’t be much point looking at the rankings.