Nintendo Switch Online Is Coming In Late September, But Nintendo Still Won’t Lock In A Date

Nintendo just took to Twitter to reveal that their paid online service for Nintendo Switch will launch in late September. Previously, we’d only been told that it would come in September, after being delayed for more than a year.

The paid online service will allow us to continue using online services, will introduce save data cloud backups (YAY) and will also give us 20 NES titles with online play.

It was expected that Nintendo would launch something alongside the release of their paid online service, as it’d just be weird to turn over to it being paid overnight, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case.

As shown on the Nintendo ANZ website, one month will cost $5.95, a 3 month membership $11.95 and a 12 month subscription will set you back $29.95 (all AUD prices).