Heaps Of New Indie Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

It’s Gamescom week and Nintendo have been eager to give their roster of indie titles coming to the Switch, the spotlight. In a sort of mini-direct, they showed off 16 or so games coming to the Switch or available now. You can watch the 20-minute long video below, but we’ve summarised the key info for each of the games announced below.

Windjammers + Windjammers 2

The classic 90s sports game returns to the Switch, out October 23rd this year, but a sequel, Windjammers 2, 25 years in the making is also coming in 2019.

Night Call

Release date: Early 2019

Night Call, developed by Raw Fury, follows a Parisian cab driver as he investigates crimes around the city, whilst driving his passengers about. It’s a uniquely styled ‘narrative noir’ with black and white art. For those that love a mystery, this one might be one worth looking out for when it comes in 2019.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Release date: November 6th 2018

Already announced for PlayStation and Xbox, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a side-scrolling platformer/spiritual successor to Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap that allows you to shapeshift into different animals, is also coming to the Switch on November 6th. It’s worth checking out the trailer and the incredibly catchy song that accompanies it.

The Gardens Between

Release date: September 20th 2018.

The Garden Between, developed by The Voxel Agents, asks the player to take control of time to solve puzzles. It might not be a new premise, but the game certainly looks unique with a beautifully styled cylindrical level design.

Streets of Rogue

Release date: Holiday 2018

Streets of Rogue, developed by tinyBuild, is an (up to) four-player, top-down, procedurally generated brawler that looks absolutely insane. There a swathe of different characters and attacks, and it appears that you get to play as a vampire and a werewolf.

Bad North

Release date: Available now

In Bad North, developed by Raw Fury, you must defend islands from marauding Vikings. It’s a top-down strategy, rogue-like game that seems to combine elements of tower defence and real-time strategy games like Age of Empires, all with a bright, colourful art style. But really, it’s got Vikings in it, so I’m in.


Release date: Spring 2018

Developed by 11 bit studios, Moonlighter is a top-down RPG with a protagonist that is a shopkeeper by day and a hero by night, that looks right at home on the Switch.

This War Of Mine


Release date: November 2018

Critically acclaimed, This War Of Mine is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Developed by 11 bit studios, the game tells the untold stories of war, following not the soldiers, but the civilians caught up in conflict and their struggle for survival.

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Children of Morta

Release date: Early 2019

This hack-n-slash adventure game sees you swinging swords, slinging spells and solving head-scratchers. There are multiple playable characters and potential love interests to pursue. Like many of the game’s announced, there’s rogue-like elements, with every dungeon feeling unique every playthrough.


Release date: December 2018

Everspace is a fast-paced, rogue-like space shooter that has you piloting a ship through the cosmos. Developed by Rockfish Games and including its expansion, Everspace allows you to upgrade your ship and interact with non-player characters you meet through your travels. If you fancy intense dog-fights in the depths of space, this might be on for you.

Baba Is You

Release date: Spring 2018

Baba Is You, developed by Hempuli, is a quirky, cryptic puzzle game that contains over 100 levels. Out later this year. Each puzzle is presented as words on the screen that you can manipulate to change how the game works and solve things your own way.

Slay the Spire

Release date: Early 2019

Coming to the Switch in early 2019, Slay the Spire – developed by Mega Crit Games – combines strategy card games and roguelikes, allowing you to build decks to combat enemy creatures and continually upgrade your powers.



Release date: 2019

The massively popular Terraria is finally coming to the Switch, a platform it undoubtedly will feel right at home on. Terraria lets you mine, craft and build in a huge 2D world that invites you to explore.

Prison Architect


Release date: Available now

Another popular and critically acclaimed game is coming to the Switch. Scratch that, it’s already available on the Switch! Prison Architect, which asks players to operate prisons of their own creation, can be downloaded as of today. It includes the All Day and All Night, and the Psych Ward expansions, with an Escape Mode add-on pack coming later this year.

Morphies Law

Release date: Available now

Perhaps my favourite announcement was for Morphie Law, another game available now. Developed by Cosmoscope, the game is a heavily stylised, team-based shooter where landing shots increased the size of your character. With greater size, come greater power, but you become a bigger target for the enemy. Different characters have different skill sets which make for diverse skirmishes of 4v4 online, 8 locally or offline play against bots. You can make your own weapons and customise your characters, and (here’s the best bit) it runs at ’60ish’ frames per second.

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