Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama Sizzles Her Way To Nintendo Switch With Vegetarian Options Too

Following leaks on the European rating board, Australian rating board and a press release obtained by Kotaku, the culinary matriarch is making her way to the Nintendo Switch sometime this year, presumably.

Those who choose to play this time around will be offered “Traditional” and “Vegetarian” options for meal preparation. According to the press release, this option was implemented so that “players who do not wish to prepare meals with meat ingredients will be able to cook creative, alternate meatless recipes”.

As per the previous games, the new game will also support the use of motion controls for a more authentic cooking experience.

The press release, available at the link above, also details other more intriguing aspects to the game. For one, it’ll utilize “blockchain technology” as well as rewards purchasable using in-game currency (provided by the game, other players and third parties)

The press release itself gives the title of the game as Cooking Mama: Coming Home to Mama, but the Australian title looks to be Cooking Mama: Cookstar.Cooking Mama: Cookstar will mark the first time the mainline franchise has made an appearance since Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit on the 3DS in 2014, as well as the first time the franchise has appeared on a home console since Cooking Mama: World Kitchen for the Wii in 2008.According to the classification board listing, it also signifies the first game in the franchise not to be developed by Office Create (Cooking Mama Ltd.), the creators of the series.

We’ll update with local details as they come.

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