Super Mario LEGO

LEGO’s New Interactive Super Mario Sets Are Pretty Damn Cool

After teasing these some days ago, LEGO has lifted the lid of its Super Mario set and it’s a LEGO set unlike any other.

Mario and his cast of baddies look to be interactive, with the sets recreating Super Mario Levels. Mario himself is extremely expressive (with his eyes and mouth being screens) as well as a screen on his chest, which seems to display information as you progress through the set.

We don’t know how these items will be broken out into sets but we get to see Bowser Junior, Goombas as well as some other enemies and characters. No doubt, these will be expanded on as time goes on as well.

We don’t have pricing or a release date, and it’s unclear if LEGO will be making regular Super Mario minisets, but these look to be pretty cool and innovative.

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