The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch

The Outer Worlds On Nintendo Switch Looks To Be A Mixed Bag

The Outer Worlds is definitely one of the most ambitious games to Nintendo Switch. Whilst we’ve seeing other games such as Bioshock and Borderlands come to the Switch in recent times, The Outer Worlds is an open-world RPG that released just last year on other consoles.

At first, the gameplay footage when compared to the Xbox One footage looked pretty good. Sure, textures were obviously downgraded, and the game obviously stuttered in parts, but it looked playable.

Unfortunately, the GameXplain review has just put that to bed. They’ve shown multiple instances where the game (particularly in handheld mode) looks extremely awful, even go as far as saying that it might be the lowest resolution that they’ve seen in a Switch game.

Similarly, they also showed multiple instances where entire areas would just pop in at the last second, even going to the point of showing multiple enemies popping in out of nowhere in a fire fight.

Lastly, the loading times are fairly atrocious which you’d kind of expect (they weren’t the best on the Xbox One/PS4 either), but you can expect the game to take about a minute to load in after dying.

All in all, it might be worth giving it a go if you really want a portable version of The Outer Worlds, but it definitely does look to suck a lot of the atmosphere out of the game, which was one of the best parts about it to begin with.