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A New Mario Sports Trademark Has Been Registered In Australia Which Better Mean Wii Sports 2 Is Coming

Friend of the site, Vooks has discovered that Nintendo recently register a new trademark for Mario Sports in Australia.

The trademark was listed last month, but only became public last week. It doesn’t give us a lot of information but it did get me thinking. Wii Sports, which is Nintendo’s best-selling game of all time (if I’m not mistaken), deserves some kind of sequel beyond the under appreciated Wii Sports Club that released on the Wii U.

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Mario Sports Trademark

Obviously, Wii Sports 2 couldn’t be a thing (or it could but it wouldn’t make much sense), so the most logical thing would be to be put it under the Mario Sports franchise. Wii Sports was fantastic, as was Wii Sports Resort and games like Wii Party. The Nintendo Switch is still lacking party games (besides Super Mario Party) and hopefully this is a sign that something is on the way.