Apex Legends Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends Is Finally Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Month

It’s been more than six months since the it was announced, but EA has finally confirmed that Apex Legends will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 9th.

To make up for the fact that the Switch version will be releasing a month after season 8 launches, EA will be advancing players 30 free levels in the Battle Pass so that they can catchup to those players on other platforms.

In a blog post on the website, it’s said that the team is “very proud of what the team has been able to achieve with some smart optimizations for the Switch port to deliver a full-featured Apex Legends experience on the go”.

The game was ported by Panic Button who have done some incredible work such as Wolfenstein II and Doom Eternal to the Nintendo Switch, which are huge technical achievements in itself.

I must admit, I’m keen for this. I’ve jumped back into Apex Legends recently, and these games always fit portability better than most.