SEGA World Sydney

A SEGA Theme Park Could Be Opening In Australia So Get Ready To Meet Sonic IRL

This came out of nowhere. You may remember that there used to be an in-door SEGA theme park called Sega World Sydney in Sydney from 1997 until 2000 before it closed down. The theme park had several rides including a mini roller coaster, tank simulator and a play area based on Nickelodeon. There was also a merch and the ability to meet Sonic and friends IRL, and it was apparently one of the biggest hot spots for children’s birthday parties in the late 90s.

SEGA World

In absolutely shocking news, It looks like it might be set to make a return of some kind with SEGA planning to potentially open another theme park in Australia (location not clear). This is according to Sonic YouTuber Badnik Mechanic, who discovered a report by a company called the CA Technology Group who detailed SEGA’s desire to bring back and expand their theme park business.

You can read the report by The Standard below:

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“CA SEGA JOYPOLIS is an indoor amusement park operated by CA SEGA JOYPOLIS, which opened in Yokohama. Japan There are hit rides such as the Gekion Live Coaster, the giant halfpipe swing, the Wild River The Treasure Hunt, and the state-of-the-art simulator that offers a fun 3D, 4D and VR experience.”

“Currently, CA SEGA JOYPOLIS has been dominating the hearts of Japanese people for over 27 years, with branches in Japan, China and plans to expand to Europe, America and Australia. in the near future.”

You can find out more about SEGA World Sydney (which I never knew existed) in this great story below:

Obviously, there’s nothing concrete at the moment, but it’s very clear based on what we’ve read that there are at least plans in the works to investigate bringing this to Australia, so we’ll keep you posted if there’s any information. SEGA World Sydney deserves another chance to reign supreme.