Nintendo Is Asking Gamers How Much They’d Pay For The Next WarioWare Game Which Seems Oddly Specific

Nintendo sent out a survey today with the oddly specific question of “At a price of $49.99 (USD), how interested are you in buying the next game in the WarioWare series?”

The survey goes onto say that “WarioWare is a game series starring Wario that features a collection of fast-paced microgames each lasting bout 3-5 seconds”

Firstly, we had no idea that another WarioWare game was on the way, and I’d say that this either confirms that one is super close, or Nintendo is sussing out whether it’d be worth making one if they can’t charge full price for it.

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The last WarioWare game released in 2018. It was WarioWare Gold which was a best of for the franchise. The one before it was Game & Wario which was a fairly unique take on the series.

I feel like this is one that we’ll either hear about at Nintendo’s E3 press conference next week, or not for some time, but if there’s one thing that is certain it’s that the Nintendo Switch has lacked party games that the Wii and Wii U delivered on. Outside of Super Mario Party, we haven’t really seen too many games that the whole family can enjoy.