Here’s The Latest Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Trailer And Some New Details

At tonight’s Pokemon Presents event, Nintendo revealed the longest trailer yet for the Diamond and Pearl remakes.

As we’ve known before, they’re called Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and they’re both hitting the Switch in November.

The new footage gives us a nice look at the locations we know and love from the original games, though also elaborates on some features that will be unique to the remake.

The more simple ones concern customisation – a whole bunch of clothing is available for your trainer, and your Poke Ball for each Pokemon can be customised to have a unique opening effect when they’re unleashed in battle.

There’s also a new addition to the Sinnoh Underground. Inside here you’ll find Pokemon Hideaways, which feature various Pokemon. The Pokemon that appear will be affected by the statues you place in your Secret Base, which can be unearthed from the underground.

Following Pokemon are also confirmed to appear in the overworld, which is always nice. It’s not the hugest changes like we saw in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but it is something.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will both release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on the 19th November 2021. The cheapest price is still on Amazon for $68 whilst the double pack can be had for $134. 

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