People Are Already Having Major Issues With The Nintendo Switch’s New N64 Games

The Nintendo Switch finally got its initial library of Nintendo 64 (and SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis) titles today, and while many are excited to get to replay some of their classic favourites, it seems that early impressions are already turning up some frustrating technical issues.

A thread on gaming forum ResetEra highlights some of the problems that users are having when trying to enjoy the N64 games on the new Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership. These range from input lag, framerate issues, texture and music issues in-games to bizarre controller mapping with no options to change.

Users are also having major issues with the quality of the online multiplayer service itself – the thing that Nintendo is charging people for with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

It’s a worrying start for the updated and more expensive tier of the service, especially when the added cost to upgrade to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack was already a contentious topic online.

Hopefully Nintendo is already working on fixing these issues as well as looking toward adding more games to the service, something that we’re sure would change the minds of fans that are on the fence about its value.

We’ll update this story if Nintendo does offer prompt clarification around this.

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