Nintendo Has Warned Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players About A Gameplay Bug In The New Expansion

Nintendo has issues a statement via their Twitter account and official website (thanks Vooks!) that players of the new Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons may experience a gameplay bug that can cause issues with the expansion’s new content.

The exact details of the issues are unclear, but a patch is on the way to rectify the issue. In the meantime, Nintendo has advised players not to remodel their island’s residents’ homes while they have their airport gates open. Players should keep their gates closed before attempting any remodelling to avoid the issue.

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The advice should the issue occur is to close and re-launch the game, which won’t affect players’ save files but should provide a quick fix if gameplay bugs crop up:

What to Do

End your play session, close the game, and re-launch it.

  • If the bug occurs, there will be no impact on other players who were visiting your island, or on the save data for the game such as the island or residents.

Note: Any changes made while remodelling an island resident’s home will take effect from the next day. If you make a new request then the home will be successfully remodelled.