Everything Announced At Today’s Indie World Nintendo Direct

Nindies ahoy!

Nintendo dropped another of its short and sweet Indie World showcases today, giving fans a look at what’s to come from small studios across the globe for the Nintendo Switch. This time we got quite a few ports or already-announced titles, but there’s still a lot to be excited about if you’re into strange, unique and creative experiences.

You can watch the full thing below, or keep scrolling for a short rundown on everything we saw:



Originally released in early access on the Xbox, this hyper-adorable creature collecting and farming sim is absolutely stacked with charm and worth a look in for fans of Pokemon, Stardew Valley and funky dance battles. It’s coming sometime in Winter 2022.

Batora: Lost Haven

A slick, challenging isometric adventure that boasts a fast paced, multi-faceted combat system with unique dual health and tactical mechanics and non-linear narration. Coming Spring 2022.


What started as a student project has morphed into a full game packed with satisfying 2D platforming puzzles and a stylish retro look. Use your head (literally) to explore and conquer levels full of ingenious secrets. Powering up in Winter 2022.


Fight to the beat and save Symphonia in this rhythmic looter shooter dungeon crawler complete with up to four player local and online co-op. Stages are dynamically generated based on the music and your power increases the more you sync your action to the beat. This one’s launching today!


Take on the harsh elements in this tactical, roguelike deck builder. Expand your hub town by taking on new runs and challenges when Wild Frost releases “Holiday” 2022.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

Originally available on PC and Xbox, TABS is finally making its way to Nintendo Switch! Lead teams of over a hundred wobbly warriors from a variety of realms and times. You can even create and customise your own units and pit them against each other in epic battles against your friends with online multiplayer. Another one to look forward to in Winter 2022.


From the creators of Gato Roboto, this pixelated steampunk 2D action game looks like an absolute blast. Play as a gruff woodsman on a quest for revenge with his versatile and upgradeable Gunbrella in a dark and depressing world. You’ll have to wait until 2023 for this one.

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We Are OFK!

We are OFK is coming to Switch! This episodic musical narrative adventure looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous and is sure to be the perfect game to experience on the go. Weekly episode releases and interactive music videos await in a heartfelt slice-of-life journey. Guess when it’s coming… Yep! Winter 2022.


A dark, monochromatic hand-drawn puzzle adventure full of underwater mysteries and dangers. Possess sea creatures and use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and survive in haunting environments. It’s not far off either, with a June release window on the cards.

Mini Motorways

Dinosaur Polo Club’s delightfully chill traffic management sim comes to Nintendo Switch. I can’t even drive a real car but I sure as hell know what these tiny motorists need. And it’s out today!

Wayward Strand

One of our most anticipated indie games right out of Australia, with a real-time narrative that you experience on your own terms as events play out around you. Spend time with characters, hear their stories and discover mysteries aboard the gorgeous airship. Catch the ride on July 21.

Cult of the Lamb

Repay your debt to an ominous stranger by gathering resources and braving deadly dungeons, then build new structures and care for your “flock”. Cult of the Lamb looks absolutely bananas and we can’t wait to check it out later this year.

Another Crab’s Treasure

A brand-new “Shellslike” from the team behind the excellent Going Under where you play as a crustacean warrior in a punishing but approachable action adventure. Go on an epic underwater treasure hunt with over 50 scavenged shells to buy back your own repossessed shell. You’ll need to wait until 2023 to go on this ridiculous-looking journey.

Closing Montage

Oneshot: World Machine Edition. Coming this Winter.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees. Swinging onto Switch today!

Idol Manager. Arriving August 25.

Card Shark. Free demo available today!

Cursed to Golf. Teeing off this Winter.

A Guidebook of Babel. Coming this Spring.

OPUS:  Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition. Available today!