wylde flowers release date

Witchy, Cozy Sim Wylde Flowers Has A Release Date On Switch And PC

Melbourne’s own Studio Drydock has announced a Switch and PC (via Steam) release date for the much-anticipated cozy life sim, Wylde Flowers, which is scheduled to arrive on September 20th, 2022.

Alongside recently winning an Apple Design Award in the Inclusivity category, the game has racked up nearly half a million players already on iOS and has made waves in the local and global communities for its fully-realised magical world and ferociously inclusive design.

There are a ton of ways to get around Wylde Flowers depending on your platform of choice, you can wishlist and play the demo on Steam, join the mailing list to find out about the Switch release, sign up to the official Discord or check it out on Apple Arcade here.

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From the game’s Steam page:

  • Savour an earnest and emotional story that blends farming with magic and personal discovery as Tara finds herself, and brings a town together.
  • The characters in Wylde Flowers are brought to life with a cast including BAFTA award winning voice actors in over 18 hours of voice acting.
  • From Natalia (she/her) the local Blacksmith, to Sophia (she/her) who runs the diner, each character in Fairhaven has an intricate backstory waiting for you to love and fall in love with.
  • Seven folks of Fairhaven are eligible to be wooed and romanced. From the local butcher Kim (they/them), to Amira (she/her), a flirty doctor.
  • Develop both domestic and magical crafts through cooking, fishing, farming, animal care, magical spells and potions.
  • Explore and relax through 35-60+ hours of immersive gameplay.
  • The music is closely entwined with the narrative and features a music score created with the help of a real orchestra, that responds to your choices.