Nintendo Direct September 2022

A Nintendo Direct Is Apparently Happening This Week With Zelda And Metroid Port Reveals Likely

Let's hope so!

It feels like it’s been a long, long time since the last proper Nintendo Direct happen but that all seems set to change very soon with both Gamesbeat’s Jeff Grubb as well as long-time Nintendo inside Emily Rogers both confirming that a Nintendo Direct is set to happen as soon as tomorrow night.

Whilst the content of the show is still obviously to be determined, Grubb seems to think that the Wind Waker/Twilight Princess HD remasters will be announced for this holiday as well as the Metroid Prime Remaster/Remake. It’s also been said that a new Fire Emblem game as well as It Takes Two are also likely to be announced for the console, with a Breath of the Wild 2 title also potentially going to be revealed.

With Tokyo Games Show starting on Thursday, we’d expect the Nintendo Direct to happen before then, which means that an announcement tonight for a Direct late tomorrow night does seem likely, but we’ll have to wait and see. It was originally thought that Nintendo might delay the Direct due to the Queen passing away, bit that rumour has now been quashed over the weekend.

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Rogers took to Famiboards by saying: “According to my sources, the Direct is still set for Tuesday.. However, I’m also hearing Tuesday’s Direct will air in the early morning PDT (US time). Not Tuesday evening (US time). I was told the exact time/hour when it would air.”

“Why is this notable? Because “General” Directs are typically aired at the start of the evening for the US, around midnight in Europe and in the morning for Japan. Normally around 2pm-3pm PDT. So, that early morning time slot feels very much Mini-esque. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last General Direct to air in the early morning (US time) was 2018.” continued Rogers.