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The Original Mario Party On Switch Includes A Warning Over Palm Injuries

Real winners get blisters.

If you’re old enough to remember staying up way too late competing with your mates in Mario Party on the Nintendo 64, then you’re probably old enough to remember absolutely wrecking the skin on your palms trying to win games like Tug O’ War. Not to mention your controller.

Nintendo certainly hasn’t forgotten, adding a warning label to the just-released N64 classic Mario Party for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. First noticed by our pals at Vooks, booting up the game sees the message appear at the top of the screen, stating:

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CAUTION: Some individuals may experience skin irritation and/or damage the Control Stick if they rotate it with the palm of their hand. Nintendo recommends the Control Stick be rotated with the thumb only.

mario party switch

A similar message appears in the newly-remastered version of Tug O’ War that’s included in the series’ most recent entry, Mario Party Superstars for the Switch.

Stay safe out there, party-goers!