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Thanks To The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Bowser Officially Has A Hit Single And Music Video

The King Koopa of Pop.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie finally premiered last week and blew the box office wide open with record-breaking numbers, meaning a massive number of fans have had the privilege of watching Bowser, played by Jack Black, singing the original song “Peaches.”

It’s one of the stand-out moments of the film, and with Jack Black’s golden pipes out in force it makes for an unexpected convergence of the worlds of Super Mario and Tenacious D fans. Naturally, it’s also already making an impact outside of the cinemas.

Not only is the song now available as a single, where it’s already racked up close to 2 million plays on Spotify at the time of writing and cracked the iTunes Top 15, Illumination has also released the movie moment as an official music video.

You can see the Official Music Video for Peaches below, in its movie form, but the folks at Lyrical Lemonade also teamed up with Black to make their own original music video for the song which you can see here. The song is also included on the physical release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s soundtrack on vinyl, CD and cassette and even has its own 7″ vinyl pressing thanks to iam8bit, which you can learn more about right here.

We reviewed The Super Mario Bros. Movie, saying “The Super Mario Bros. Movie is exactly what you’d expect, sometimes for worse but overwhelmingly for the better. It’s a no-frills, digestible adventure that’s absolutely jam-packed with nods to the immense history of Nintendo’s favourite plumber, and crucially it features all the charm and fun that’s fundamental to delivering that nostalgia in a meaningful way. There’s at least a little something for everyone, young or old, gamer or not, but go in ready to celebrate 40+ years of Mario and Nintendo history and you’ll have a blast.”