Everything Announced At The June 2023 Nintendo Direct

A look at what's to come!

Nintendo have another massive 40 minute Direct as they look forward to the second half of 2023. Aside from new detail on Pikmin 4, there was a whole bunch of stuff to look forward to in the coming six months, as well as some surprises for stuff coming later down the track.

Here’s everything we saw today:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the Next 2D Mario

A brand new 2D Mario has been revealed! Taking a page out of Sonic’s book, we see the Italian plumber grinding on rails and even hanging off them.

Wonder Flowers are brand new pickups dramatically change the landscape, allowing Mario to reach previously inaccessible collectibles.

Of course, there’s four player coop with Daisy and Peach  returning, and Mario can even turn into an elephant. It looks super imaginative and much different from the  tiredNew Super Mario Bros. series. It’s launching on October 20th.

Super Mario RPG is getting a gorgeous Remake

The rumored Mario RPG remake has been revealed! A ground-up rebuilding of the original game with new assets that seems to retain its original visual style.

It has a Link’s Awakening vibe in terms of its art style and seems to be quite the loving recreation. Even better, it’s launching on November 17th!

An all new Princess Peach Game is Coming

Hot off the heels of the Mario RPG reveal, a brand-new Princess Peach game was revealed. Not much was shown off in regards to this one, but it’s launching sometime next year.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is getting a Remaster

Luigi hasn’t been left behind, with the criminally underrated Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Pretty short on details for this one also, but I think it’s safe to expect the typical deluxe treatment for this one. It’s launching sometime next year.

Detective Pikachu Is Getting A Sequel

The stoic Detective Pikachu makes his return in Detective Pikachu Returns. A sequel to the first game, Detective Pikachu Returns is set in Prime City and promises new mysteries to solve alongside a decidedly grizzled Pikachu.

The first game was a bit of fun, I suspect this one will be too. It’s launching on October 6th.

New Pikmin 4 Details Were Revealed alongside HD Remasters of Pikmin 1 and 2

Some fresh new details on Pikmin 4, with gameplay details on Oatchi. Oatchi has plenty of applications that’ll no doubt shake up the formula and offer new ways to manage tasks.

We also got a look at Dandori Battles where you have to collect more objects than your opponent so you can rescue a castaway. Rescuing castaways allows you to expand your base, teach Oatchi new skills, and eventually set out for night expeditions, which sends creatures into a frenzy. There’s also adorable glow Pikmin, which are only available at night.

This game keeps looking better and better. It’s launching next month on July 21st, and a demo is available to download on the eShop next week on June 28th.

Bolted onto the Pikmin 4 details was the announcement of HD remasters of Pikmin 1 and 2 for the Switch. These are available right now for digital purchase so go check them out before 4 drops next month!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is Coming Soon

We got a fresh look at the expansion pack for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. As announced previously, it’s split into two parts; The Teal Mask and the Indigo Disc.

While both bring new Pokémon, characters, and settings, they look quite distinct in tone. The Teal Mask seems to have a Japanese countryside setting while The Indigo Disc is much more rooted in sci-fi, set in a futuristic academy in the middle of the sea. The Teal Mask is due out in Spring while The Indigo Disc is due out towards the end of the year.

New Tears of the Kingdom amiibo are Coming

If you haven’t already spent enough money on The Legend of Zelda amiibo, Nintendo has you covered. New Tears of the Kingdom amiibo for Zelda and Ganondorf are coming later this year. These are some fantastic designs, hopefully the Sages are to follow shortly after.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s Fifth Wave of DLC Courses is Launching Soon

Petey Pirhana, Wiggler, and Kamek are all coming to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when wave 5 of the booster course pack launches this year. While new tracks are coming, we only got a look at the new track called Squeaky Clean Sprint. Expect it to drop sometime this winter.

Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1 is full of MGS Goodness

The previously announced Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Volume 1 is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. It includes the original 3 MGS games, extra content, as well as the original Metal Gear games. The Metal Gear Solid games will also be purchasable individually. It’s launching on October 24th.

WarioWare Move It is the Next WarioWare game

Sporting over 200 microgames, WarioWare Move It makes use of your entire body to strike poses and complete microgames. Everyone loves a good WarioWare. It’s launching on November 3rd.

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Vampire Survivors Makes its Switch Debut

The fantastic Vampire Survivors is coming to Switch! If you haven’t sunk enough hours into this game already, now you can do it on the go! Check it out if you haven’t already lost too much time to this incredible game. It’s launching relatively soon on August 17th!

We got Another Look at Sonic Superstars

We got a deeper look at Sonic Superstars, which was announced at Summer Games Fest. 12 new stages and multiple playable characters, as well as local co-op for up to four players, which is a series first. Expect to see it launching sometime during Spring.

Star Ocean The Second Story is getting the remake treatment

Continuing the tradition of modern JRPGs, Star Ocean R is being remade with the inclusion of a break mechanic. This remake looks excellent, though, with a 2D-HD art style similar to what Team Asano have been doing. It launches on November 2nd.

Palia is a free to play Adventure Sim

Palia is an adventure sim set in a village with other players that can be played online. It’s completely free to play and launches at the end of this year. Riveting.

We got some gameplay details for Persona 5 Tactica

The tactics based Persona 5 spin-off announced last week has been shown in more detail. It seems like a typical SRPG with some Persona flare in fusion mechanics and slick presentation. It’s launching on November 17th.

Mythforce is coming to the Switch this Year

While it originally launched in April of last year, Mythforce is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. The roguelike inspired by Saturday morning cartoons looks like a bit of fun with friends, and is a great fit for the Switch. It’s going to be available sometime this year.

Splatoon 3 next Splatfest is based on Ice Cream Flavors

Another Splatfest is inbound. This time you can choose between vanilla, strawberry, and mint chip. Make the right choice. There’s also other events coming to Splatoon 3 soon. No details on expansion stuff unfortunately.

The Excellent Arkham Trilogy is coming to Switch

The Batman Arkham Trilogy is coming to the Switch! These games are timeless and deserve all the praise they get and more. Don’t pass up on this collection if you haven’t played them before. It’s launching in Spring.

The Digital Adaptation of Gloomhaven is coming to Switch

The tactical RPG Gloomhaven which is a digital adaptation of a board game with the same name is coming to Switch. It’s available on September 18th.

We got some Just Dance 2024 Details

Another year, another Just Dance. 40 new tracks, new types of music. Cool. It’s launching on October 24th.

Silent Hope is a brand new Action RPG

Silent Hope is an action RPG  where you explore ever-changing dungeons as you attempt to conquer the abyss. Materials earned in the abyss can be used to upgrade your base above, allowing you to go deeper. It seems like a bit of fun and echoes Moonlighter a bit in its structure. It’s launching on October 3rd.

Fae Farm is another farm game

Fae Farm is a Switch console exclusive and another farm game. At least you can play this one in coop with friends. It’s launching on September 8th.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 is Looking Great

This sequel to the hit Hotwheels Unleashed is sporting split-screen races and breakneck speeds. This arcade racer is launching on October 19th.

Manic Mechanics will fulfill all your mechanic dreams

Manic Mechanic is getting a Switch release ahead of all other consoles.  You can work with friends or by yourself to fix up cars and such. Seems like a bit of party fun, like Overcooked but with cars. It’s launching on July 16th.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope’s Second DLC Drops Today

The Last Spark Hunter brings a new area to explore, new enemies to battle, and robot king Bob-omb! A demo of the main game is also available now on the eShop. The DLC launches later today.

Dragon Quest Monsters Is Back

A new Dragon Quest Monsters has been annoounced! This long dormant spin-off series gives big Pokemon vibes with Dragon Quest flare, with titular monsters lying at the core of the experience. It’s launching on December 1st.

Headbangers Rhythm Royale, the Pigeon Battle Royale is coming to Switch

Described as a musical pigeon battle royale, Headbangers Rhythm Royale is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 31st. It seems like Wario Ware, just with pigeons instead of Wario.

Penny’s Big Breakaway is the next game from the Sonic Mania developers

A surprise announcement from the developers of Sonic Mania, this 3D platformer looks like a bit of high-speed fun. With a time attack mode, yo-yo based attacks, and penguins – it’s bound to be a good time. It’s releasing early 2024.