Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo’s Next-Generation Console Is Reportedly A Switch Successor Coming Next Year

And dev kits are already with key partners.

Update: Eurogamer has also reported similar claims to the below through its own sources.

Rumours of a follow-up to the impossibly-successful Nintendo Switch, whether in the form of a “Switch 2” or something else, seem to crop up every day, but recent claims pointing to a next-generation Switch console could be the most convincing yet.

Video Games Chronicle has reported, through multiple sources known to the outlet that claim to have knowledge of Nintendo’s plans, that the company is currently planning to launch its next-generation Switch successor in the second half of 2024.

The same sources have also told the outlet that the console is, in fact, another hybrid portable device similar to the current Switch and will ship with an LCD screen like the standard Switch model and not an OLED display to keep costs down in the face of needing greatly increased storage space for new-generation games.

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Thew device will reportedly still carry a cartridge slot for physical games, though backwards compatibility isn’t a given as of yet with third-party developers reportedly concerned about catering to older software having a negative effect on new game sales.

The outlet also says that development kits are already with “key partners,” which has likely contributed to this many early details around the new console coming out as soon as they have. Naturally, VGC has reached out to Nintendo for comment on these claims but did not receive a response before it took the story public.

We’ll update this if we learn more. You can read VGC’s full report here.