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Nintendo Australia Now Sells Physical Games And Consoles On Its Website

Nintendo, direct.

It looks like Nintendo Australia is getting in on the sale of its own physical hardware and software, with our pals over at Vooks pointing out that shoppers are now able to pick up physical copies of Nintendo-published games as well as Nintendo Switch consoles on the My Nintendo website.

Granted, they’re not price overly competitively at full RRP across the board, but there seems to be good supply of most of the titles you’d want, potentially making it a good alternative for any of those trickier-to-get games that seem to get less frequent restocks across local retail. You can even pre-order upcoming games like Pikmin 1+2 and Fae Farm, if that’s something you’d want to do.

On the hardware side, you can pick up everything from the regular Switch console to the Switch OLED Model, Switch Lite and even the Tears of the Kingdom Special Edition Switch OLED.

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With stores continuing to squeeze down the floor space of physical media like games and movies, it could be a pre-emptive move on Nintendo’s part to ensure there’s still a reliable avenue for folks to get their hard copy releases. Or it could just be that someone found a palette of extra games at the back of the warehouse and figured they’d try and flog them off through official channels.

One of the newest games available on the store is Pikmin 4, which we gave a stellar 8.5/10 in our review, saying “Pikmin 4 brings together engaging cave exploration and a charming world to explore to offer up the most complete Pikmin experience so far. While the multiplayer offerings feel like a step back from Pikmin 3 and the game is too easy to begin with, Pikmin 4 more than makes up for these shortcomings with its adorable canine companion, vast sandboxes and gripping strategic combat.”

You can grab a physical copy of Pikmin 4 now via Nintendo’s new online store category, your local retailer, or on Amazon for just $68 with free shipping.