A Mario Red Edition Nintendo Switch OLED Is Coming In October

I can buy a third Switch OLED, right?

Update: And it’s official! Nintendo revealed the new Mario Red Edition Nintendo Switch OLED Model during the dedicated Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, and it’s pretty much exactly what we were expecting – a mostly-standard Nintendo Switch OLED console with two red Joy Con controllers and a red Switch OLED Docking Station featuring some subtle Mario designs.

The console will launch on October 6th, which is quite a while before Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases, and like other themed Nintendo Switch consoles it won’t come with a copy of the game. It’ll cost the same as the regular Switch OLED White or Neon consoles in the US at $349.95 USD, so it should also be the same $539.95 RRP here in Australia. We’ll update this when local pre-order information becomes available.

Take a look:

You’ve got to hand it to old mate billbil-kun, they work hard to bring us the scoops.

After dropping early word of this September’s PlayStation Plus Essential games (which are now fully revealed alongside a subscription price increase) as well as another new Xbox Wireless Controller design, they’ve now brought us word of a new limited edition Nintendo Switch OLED Console that looks to be releasing in celebration of the upcoming Super Mario Bros Wonder.

According to the post over on dealabs, a Nintendo Switch OLED Model – Mario Red Edition is on the way, but unlike the recent Tears of the Kingdom limited edition Switch OLED it won’t feature any specific artwork and will instead simply sport red joy con controllers and a red docking station. It should also be similar in price to the standard white or neon red/blue Switch OLED console varieties.

Lastly, the new console will apparently launch before October, making it at least three weeks earlier than the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

We’ll keep you updated on this, but with a special 15-minute Nintendo Direct livestream scheduled for tonight at midnight AEST, dedicated to Super Mario Bros. Wonder, it’s a safe bet to assume that we’ll see this new flavour of Nintendo Switch OLED revealed in full tonight.