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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Next Week


Nintendo has just revealed the next of its already-announced Game Boy Advance games headed to the Nintendo Switch for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers, and it’s 2004’s banger Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

For anyone who missed out on this back on the GBA, it’s a metroidvania-esque adventure with a branching map that players can complete in any order, and features up to four-player cooperative play (which will be playable either locally or online via the Switch).

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror will be available to download for those on the more expensive Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership on September 29th.

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You can find the Game Boy Advance app on the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

“The Mirror World, which exists in the skies of Dream Land, has been invaded by an evil shadow, and Kirby’s the only one who can save the day. Fortunately, he won’t have to go at it alone. He’s been split into four Kirbys of different colors, and he can call up his colorful clones to lend a hand when needed. Summon Red, Yellow and Green Kirby to help solve puzzles, fight enemies or take out the big baddies. Use copy abilities such as the arrow-shooting Cupid Kirby or the melee master Smash Bros. Kirby while platforming through the mazelike world.”