JB Hi-Fi’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pre-Orders Will No Longer Come With An Elephant Ball


Update: Bad news for those who look to the quick squeeze of an elephant ball as stress management – the folks at JB Hi-Fi have issued an update on their Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-order bonus and revealed that it is no longer. Instead, customers will now get a Super Mario Bros. Wonder Elephant Pin with their pre-order.

The retailer has told customers in an email (thanks Vooks!), “We’re reaching out to let you know that the pre-order bonus we had online at the time your pre-order was placed is unfortunately different to what we are being supplied. We apologise for the mix up here.

“The new pre-order bonus we are being supplied with is a Super Mario Bros Wonder Elephant Pin

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and thank you for your understanding.”

While it’s obviously disappointing that such a neat little bonus has been swapped out for something rather standard (but still nice-looking!), this one is seemingly out of JB’s control.

Original Story: Good news for the Venn diagram of folks looking to pre-order a physical copy of Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the Nintendo Switch and also go absolutely savage on a soft, plastic ball shaped like a fruit shaped like an elephant – the video game and tech merchants over at JB have got you covered!

That’s right, chuck in a pre-order in-store or online at the ol’ black-and-yellow dungeon and, provided you get in early enough, you’ll also score one of these darling little Elephant Fruit friends as a bonus. JB’s also running one of its classic “Trade 2 Get This Free” deals for eligible Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X titles so you’ll be able to save some money and save your telly from gamer rage in one fell swoop.

elephant stress

Grab yours here:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pre-Orders

JB Hi-Fi

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to launch on October 20th exclusively for the Switch, and those lucky enough to be heading to Melbourne for PAX Aus 2023 in early October will be among the first to publicly get their hands on the game.

A special Super Mario Bros. Red Nintendo Switch OLED Model is also available to pre-order now and will be launching on October 6th: