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Mario Party 3 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack This Week

Get ready to throw hands.

Nintendo has revealed the release date for its next addition to the Nintendo Switch Online N64 library – Mario Party 3.

Subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack tier membership will be able to download and play this party board game classic starting on Friday, October 27th.

It also marks the second-last already announced N64 game set to launch on the service, with just 1080 Snowboarding left to come. It’ll certainly be interesting to see if Nintendo reveals a further wave to come before it starts talking about the next thing.

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Check out the trailer for Mario Party 3’s Nintendo Switch Online release below:

According to legend, when friends and family gathered around a Nintendo 64™ system to compete in Mario Party™ 3, fun times were bound to follow! Well, it’s time to shine a beacon in the starry sky once more, send a message to your pals and ring up your parents because Mario Party 3 is bringing its collection of festivities to the Nintendo 64™ – Nintendo Switch Online library!