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Two Of The GBA’s Best RPGs Are Available On Nintendo Switch Now


Update: And they’re out now! If you’re already a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscriber your GBA app should update to add these two titles, or if you’re yet to download it you can grab it from the Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Nintendo has kicked off 2024’s Nintendo Switch Online classics offering in fantastic form with the reveal that both the Game Boy Advance’s stellar Golden Sun and its sequel Golden Sun: The Lost Age will be headed to the Switch for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers next week on January 17th.

Both games were incredibly well received at their respective launches on the GBA, offering hugely impressive visuals for the time and hardware along with memorable and well-written characters and fun turn-based combat.

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These games are must-plays for RPG fans interested in replaying a pair of bonafide classics or seeing for the first time what the fuss is about, so you’ve got a Switch and don’t already have a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass membership you can learn more here.

Check out the promo trailer for the release of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age below: