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The Legend Of Zelda And Splatoon Concerts Are Streaming For Free Next Month


Nintendo Live 2024 originally meant to have happened in Tokyo this past weekend, but was unfortunately cancelled due to safety concerns over threats made to Nintendo employees as well as staff and spectators of the Splatoon World 2023 National Finals which were originally postponed from mid-December.

While this means that many events now won’t go ahead including the Splatoon 3 World Championship 2024 and the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Online Challenge Final Stage, fans the world over will at least have the opportunity to see two planned live concerts from the event. Both the Legend of Zelda Orchestra concert and the Splatoon 3 Deep Cut concert will now be premiering on YouTube in a pre-recorded form for everyone to watch for free.

The Splatoon 3 Deep Cut concert will be held on February 10th and then made available to watch on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, while the Legend of Zelda Orchestra concert already has a scheduled debut of February 10th at 12AM AEDT. You’ll be able to catch it on the official Nintendo YouTube channel at that time.