Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Preview

A Free Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Demo Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Try it out!

While we’re all still decompressing after a stacked PlayStation State of Play presentation, Nintendo wants to remind us it’s still here with a piping fresh demo of the upcoming Mario vs. Donkey Kong landing right now on Nintendo Switch.

The demo can be downloaded for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop right here, and offers up four playable levels, both Casual and Classic difficulty settings and two-player cooperative play.

Nintendo also published a 3-minute overview trailer, giving us an even more in-depth look at the remake of the GBA classic. You can watch that below:

James recently published his hands-on preview of a big chunk of Mario vs. Donkey kong, which you can read here, and said, “While I’m only scratching the surface of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, I’m excited to see how much it continues to evolve and expand as I head further into the rest of the game’s levels. I’m also incredibly excited to try out the “Plus” levels, which are supposedly a more difficult post-game rendition of the main game. But for now, my brief time with Mario vs. Donkey Kong has impressed me, even if it’s a more straightforward affair than other Mario games, and the co-op is an absolute game changer that shouldn’t be underestimated.”

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong launches on February 16th, 2024 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Amazon has physical pre-orders for $59 including shipping.