Xbox’s Grounded And Pentiment Are Both Coming To Nintendo Switch

And soon!

Nintendo dropped a shiny new Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase this morning, giving us a look at some upcoming third-party games for the Switch, including some surprise (and surprise-ish) reveals.

One reveal that most would have seen coming a mile away but is still exciting, is the announcement that two previously-Microsoft exclusive Obsidian games are breaking from their bonds and landing on Nintendo Switch, in Grounded and Pentiment.

Grounded, the pint-sized multiplayer survival game, is headed to the Switch on April 16th and will feature cross-platform multiplayer with Xbox and PC players. Pentiment, Obsidian’s historical narrative-driven adventure made up of gorgeous illustration is coming to the Switch very soon in the next 24 hours. With these two, we now know of half of the promised four Xbox titles headed to other platforms, as officially announced during an episode of the Xbox Podcast last week.

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You can see the reveals of both games in the full Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase below: