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The Nintendo Switch’s Latest Major Software Update Is Here And Is Cracking Down On Penis

You heard me.

Seven years into the life cycle of the Switch, and Nintendo has dropped the latest major update, bringing the console’s software up to Version 18.0.0.

Despite being a shiny new round number, this newest update is pretty benign, with the headline feature being a 15-minute Auto-Sleep option added in amongst all of the other existing Auto-Sleep options.

Elsewhere, we see some more of the usual system stability improvements and new Korean language support for one the introductory video to parental controls. And that’s about it, still no themes to be found, sadly.

More interestingly, and without announcing it in the patch notes, Nintendo has also supposedly added more words to its list of naughty words, including more variations of the word “penis” and some apparent death threats in Japanese that were escaping moderation.

Here’s what’s officially changing in this update:

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Nintendo Switch Version 18.0.0 (Released March 25, 2024)

  • Added “15 Minutes” as an option for “Auto-sleep when playing on TV” in Sleep Mode Settings.
  • Added Korean as a supported language for “Nintendo Switch Parental Controls” introductory video.
  • When the console language is set to Korean, the video can be accessed from Settings > Parental Controls.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.