Overwatch Competitive Mode Is Wrongly Punishing Players

With Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode being rolled out just last week, it seems that some players are having a frustrating time with the way it hands out penalties for mid-game disconnection. Basically, when a player disconnects from an Overwatch match, there’s a chance that they could be put back into it with no penalty charged if they reconnected successfully. However, many players seem to be receiving the penalty even if they win the match. This can effect Skill Ratings or and act as if they lost the match.

Director Jeff Kaplan has written on the Blizzard forums that updates seem to be coming shortly. Whilst he didn’t really reveal too much information about the actual issue, he did reveal that new heroes and maps which were planned but may never seen light of the day.

Competitive Play is out now for Overwatch on PC. It’ll be out on PS4 and Xbox One in the next week.

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